How do I download a Facebook Video with FBSAVE?

  1. Go to the video you would like to download on
  2. Copy the link of the video
  3. Paste the video link in the text box above
  4. Click 'Process Video'
  5. In the results box, click 'Download'. You can also preview if you would like.
  6. You will now see the video in .mp4 format being downloaded!

Which platforms does FBSAVE work on?

We have developed this website to function properly on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Some other browsers may be supported but these few are what we have tested and verified.

Why is my video playing instead of downloading?

This could be browser related. Some browsers play .mp4 files instead of downloading. Try to right click the 'Download' button and save the file for the video you are attempting to download if this does happen.

How do I find my downloaded file?

Most browsers show a download notification when a file download begins. Simply look for a download icon somewhere on your browser then right click on the file and click "open folder". If on mobile, open your Files or File Manager app then go to Downloads.

Why does the video not show in my 'Photos' app after download?

You must save the file that you downloaded as a video. Simply go to the 'Files' app and find the file you downloaded. Then click the up arrow at the bottom. After that, click 'Save Video'. You will now see it in your Photos.

Does FBSAVE save any of my downloaded videos?

Our service solely acts as an easy way to download a video from facebook. We do not in any way shape or form save your data. All downloaded videos remain completely anonymous to us and only you know what video was downloaded.

What is the purpose of FBSAVE?

Our service solely acts as an easy way to download a video from Facebook. We provide the ability to save precious memories from Facebook with ease at absolutely no charge. Our goal is to provide a quick and easy service with very little steps involved. We do our best to make sure things run smoothly on the website, which is why you may see ads. They help us pay server costs which can get very costly for a service like this. Thank you for using We appreciate your support!